Welcome To The Thin Air Fan Portal

What is this place?

As the subheading of the site suggests, it’s pretty simple: it’s a place for Denver Broncos fans to talk about the team, and anything else interesting on the mind. This publication is a successor to the original Thin Air founded in 2015.

All posts made here are automated, and are of three categories:

  • Orange Overview: Created daily for discussion of the Broncos and (almost) anything else.
  • Game Threads: Created on the day of each Broncos preseason, regular season, and postseason game, for the purpose of discussing each game as it is in progress.
  • Zimmerman, Lanier, and Nalen: Created monthly to discuss major world news, ideology, and politics that has no connection to the NFL, as well as biennial posts for the dates of national United States elections. (This is named after three Broncos greats–Gary Zimmerman, Ken Lanier, and Tom Nalen–who played left tackle, right tackle, and center: a play on the positions of left, right, and center on the traditional one dimension spectrum.)

You will need a Disqus account to comment: you can create one at this link.

What are the rules?

Once again, it’s pretty simple:

Don’t be an asshole. It’s the universal top rule we should all strive for, even if we struggle with it. If your comments are pissing people off, it might be a good indication to step away from the subthread in question.

Keep ZL&N material in ZL&N. What qualifies as such is sometimes difficult to figure out, particularly among those discussions that intersect with the NFL. But use common sense and shift discussion there if it is evolving into such content, so those that wish to avoid contentious topics can do so.

This site will be very lightly moderated, so if there are certain discussions that are annoying you and you may not want to participate in, use some of Disqus’s features, such as collapsing subthreads and the block function, to self-moderate as appropriate.